Conquer data to reach your goals

May 5, 2023

Do you value convenience over privacy?

Take the quiz and find out if you compromise data privacy for the sake of saving yourself time and effort.

May 5, 2023

What am I missing about data?

Start to understand how important data literacy can be both in and outside of your professional life.


Artificial Intelligence

A field of computer science dealing with the emulation of human intelligence using computer systems and its applications on a variety of domains.

Data culture movement

A space where Data Citizens interact, experts lead towards confident standardization, and the cutting edge collection of tools and resources can be found.

Get Involved

Interested in contributing to the project? We love to hear from data citizens willing to lend their expertise and those passionate about the data world who will dive right in.

Data Citizens

our goal is to enable everyone to have meaningful conversations about data and be confident that their basic understanding of data is at a standard and recognized level


knowing where you are will help you know how to get to where you are going. Assess your data literacy, competency of your team’s data experts, and prepare for certifications.

Data Literacy Charter

providing a standard to delineate levels of expertise and setting a bare minimum of data literacy we should all strive for as citizens of a data world


because a true data culture requires action instead of only theory, we seek to provide applicable daily challenges, tools, and experiences to aid the integration of data into daily life.

Empowered Professionals

take your literacy to the expert level with courses, workshops, coaching, and consultations.

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